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There Are Crocodiles

There are moments when it's all I can do not to eat you.

Rabbit of Negative Euphoria
5 July
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i got started doing the interests and wondered how i could possibly squeeze all the best bits of my life into one-word-answers but i managed to start and i couldn't stop. i got a lot of it down, but i'll do my best to elaborate here and fill in some gaps...

i am a geek, but an all 'round geek, plus i'm not as geeky as i want to be at some of the things that i do. i read webcomics too numerous to mention in passing. sadly i can't do anything to a computer except open it up and stare at the innards, which is something i would quite like to rectify at some point.

i'm a fan of randomness and complete strangeness, i like it when i see things like adverts for jam or people who have hair that's an interesting colour. i love to laugh, and i love to learn. according to the internet i don't exist on at least five counts, so that might be a reason for me having far too many rpg accounts. afterall, if i can't exist myself, then i might as well create a whole load of other people who don't exist either.

i am also an afficionado of lots of different kinds of music (mostly loud), and i listen to my playlists mostly, which have a huge mixture of styles and tones.

i read constantly, and it's almost certain to either be fantasy, scifi or just plain weird. i love Pratchett, Gaiman, Tom Holt, Robert Rankin, Stephen Fry, George Manville Fenn, Agatha Christie, and a LOT of others. in fact i have so many books my bedroom might as well be a library and i'm running out of space. if you ever want to know book-wise then just ask. it's easier.

i also read manga comics and proper comics and graphic novels (see above paragraph concerning books).

i watch telly and dvds, i go to the pictures sometimes, basically i do the normal boring sort of stuff everyone does. i have more friends than i've ever had before at the moment, and i do love being able to talk to people about things that we both understand instead of having to talk to myself about it.

i'm 23 (guess i should have mentioned that before) and i'm currently desperately annoyed with Cardiff uni because i'm in an in-between year of study. i'm trying to find a job so i can pay my rent, but at the moment i'm flailing whilst doing odd jobs for people. i need to advertise, but i'm just that disorganised.

if i can think of anything else i'll write it down here later.

(The above is dated for May 2009, for any information more current, please read the journal itself, as this profile will only be updated sporadically.)


...So I write fic as often as I can be bothered (speaking of which, my very very tiny fic-journal is plumoneoneseven for anyone that gives a crap) and I sometimes ask people for prompts, but they don't necessarily know what fandoms I'm in unless I talk about them a lot, and there are a hell of a lot of fandoms I rarely mention, but that I love with all my heart and would be overjoyed to get prompts for or even to have a discussion about!

So here is a fairly comprehensive list of all the fandoms I should be able to write something for. It should be noted that for some of them, I only read/watch the canon, I'm not a part of the fandom, while others I'm mostly in touch with the fandom, and only know some of the canon, so bear that in mind please.

NOW WITH LINKS! : If the fandom is based on a series of films or there are multiple versions of a canon (like in the case of HHGTTG where there is a radio show, a TV series, books, a movie, etc.) I have linked to my either my own personal preffered movie in the series/book in the sequence/canon/whatever or the only one I could find a link for!

I'm also not averse to writing crossover fic for two or more fandoms, or indeed writing crack!fic 'in the style of-' for a fandom.

A Knight's Tale
Artemis Fowl
Ashes to Ashes
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avenue Q
Band of Brothers
Bandom (MCR, FOB, TU, etc)*
Black Books
Blood Ties
Cabin Pressure (By the by, if anyone wants to get into this I have it all and I'm willing to share because THERE IS NO FANDOM!)
Codename: Kids Next Door
Criminal Minds
Die Hard (4.0)
Disney (Random films)
Doctor Who (Oldschool and NuWho)
Firefly (Not Serenity)
Fix Bay'nets!
Friendly Hostility/Boy Meets Boy
Good Omens
Harry Potter (book!canon)
Have I Got News For You*
High School Musical
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy**
Hot Fuzz**
House M.D.
Indiana Jones
Invader ZIM
Iron Man
Jeeves and Wooster**
Jonathan Creek
Justice League
La Cage Aux Folles** (The Stage Show/Musical/Extravaganza, although I do mean the film as well, especially the second one, which I've watched in the french without subtitles and had to guess at the plot. Fucking brilliant!)
Life on Mars
Lord of the Rings (Mostly movie!canon, but some book!canon too)**
Mac and PC Ads
Mock the Week*
Monty Python's Flying Circus*
Nebulous (Again, THERE IS NO FANDOM for this show and I have it all so if you want it, please ask! I want people to get into it!)
New Avengers
Old Harry's Game (Another Radio Series I have the complete back-catalogue for, and another one with NO FANDOM. Seriously, why do people ignore radio as a medium for awesome? There are lots of awesome radio shows!)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Press Gang
Quantum Leap
Questionable Content
Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman
Red Dwarf**
Robert Rankin books, aka 'The Sprout Novels'
Russell and Jon's Radio Show* (Sadly no longer running, Jon does the 6music show with Fordy these days.)
Sarah Jane Adventures
Shaun of the Dead
Sherlock (The TV Series)
Sherlock Holmes (The RDJ Film)
Sherlock Holmes (As written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
Silent Witness (Pretty much from the arrival of Harry and Leo onwards is the Silent Witness I love. That is, from S6 on.)
St Trinian's (The only one of the 7 films that doesn't count (in my personal canon) is the 1980 one because it was dire. The 50s/60s ones and the new ones both have the same anarchic joyous feel, it's just that the newer ones have a bigger budget!)
Star Trek TOS
Star Trek TNG
Star Trek DS9
Star Trek 11 aka, The Reboot**
Star Wars (The three good movies, i.e. the old ones.)
Stargate Atlantis
Starsky and Hutch
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Teen Titans
The Big Bang Theory
The Box of Delights (I have the radioplay version of this show and I'm willing to share. Let me know if you'd like it.)
The British Comedy Network (RPF)*
The Chronicles of Narnia**
The Dark is Rising
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
The Mighty Boosh**
The Panel*
The Pantheon
The Thick of It
The Weekenders
Top Gear*
Urban Gothic
Weiss Kreuz (I basically only like this because of Schwartz and it's all daegaer's fault.)
Whose Line (UK and US)*
Withnail & I

- No Star = Regular fic.
* - 1 Star = RPF/RPS only. No canon fic. (Usually because the fandom is a game show of some kind and has no 'canon' as such.)
** - 2 Stars = RPF/RPS and regular fic.
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